by Forelsket, Morgenfrisk

LNNTR1 11:22
LNNTR2 11:06
LNNTR3 04:05
LNNTR4 08:09
LNNTR5 04:30 video
LNNTR6 09:44


Composed and recorded by Forelsket & Morgenfrisk.

Luonnotar (also known as Ilmatar) was the Finnish creator-goddess, and was alone in the beginning of time. She dwelt in the heavens, though eventually grew restless and slipped into the vast cosmic sea. There, she floated for centuries on this primordial ocean, until one day an eagle landed on her knee and built a nest.

Luonnotar sat and watched the bird eagerly, happy for something to finally be happening after centuries of loneliness and boredom. She became too excited, however, and upset the nest, and the eggs fell and broke. The broken shells of the eggs formed the heavens and the earth. The yolks became the sun, the whites the moon, and scattered fragments of the eggs transformed into the stars. Afterward, Luonnotar fashioned the continents from the eggs that made up the land, and divided the seas.

Luonnotar was then impregnated by the sea and wind, and eventually (after carrying him in her womb for 30 years) gave birth to the first man, the hero Vainamoinen. His is a story for another day, (but, as a preview, know that he was an awesome wizard with extraordinary powers).


released September 1, 2019

Music by Forelsket and Morgenfrisk
Mastering by Gianni Peri
Artwork by Reifeströmung
Recorded in Italy 2019


all rights reserved



Aika Recordings Rome, Italy

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